Siding Services Anoka MN And Ham Lake MN

Siding Installation Ham Lake MN
We install all types of Home Siding: Vinyl, Aluminum, Steel, Fiber Cement, and LP SmartSide.

Siding Replacement in Ham Lake and other parts of Minnesota is a pretty common exterior home improvement project and it’s evident by the number of companies out there offering to complete your siding project.

Unlike many of our competitors in the siding business, ThunderStruck Restorations doesn’t invest a pile of money into radio or print advertising or a big showroom we need to maintain.

We rely on our website and word-of-mouth from our many happy customers.  This keeps the price of your siding project reasonable for you, and makes us feel good about the work are completing on your home.

Siding Replacement In Ham Lake Minnesota

Vinyl SidingVinyl Siding:  Arguable the most popular siding product on the market today and the most affordable.  We are very fond of Royal Siding and the Royal Dura Technology System.  The key to the Dura Technology Process is ROYALSIDE Compound, a proven blend of the world’s finest raw materials. This blend, together with our exclusive DURA impact modifiers and premium ingredients, forms the base for a tougher, longer lasting siding.

Vinyl Siding can be very low maintenance and is usually fast and easy for professionals like ThunderStruck Restorations LLC to install.  Dura siding has the most advanced color technology available.  If you are on a tight budget for your project then Vinyl siding is the most economical way to side your home.

Royal offers an exclusive lifetime, non-prorated and fully transferable to lifetime non-prorated limited warranty with the exclusive Dura Color Protection.  Should color fade beyond what is specified in the Royal Warranty, your vinyl siding will be replaced (including materials and labor).

Metal Siding InstallationsAluminum and Steel Siding: Aluminum is not as popular today as it has been in the past due to the high price of aluminum. It remains available in a broad range of styles, textures and colors. Aluminum siding requires little maintenance and performs well in wet climates. Aluminum does dent easily and it can dent and fade over time.  Steel Siding is popular because it is the most durable siding product on the market, offering a durable finish that protects against dents and scratches. Steel siding does not buckle or warp and comes in non-fade colors. Steel siding is more expensive than vinyl and aluminum but will last a lifetime.


Fiber Cement SidingFiber Cement Siding:  Fiber Cement siding has rapidly developed into one of the more popular alternatives to wood and vinyl siding.  Unlike wood, however, Fiber Cement siding is impermeable to the most common forms of damage that threaten wood siding, including water damage, rot and termites.  Fiber Cement siding boards are specially designed to retain paint much longer than wood, without chipping or peeling.


LP Smart SideLP® SmartSide® Siding:  This product looks just like real wood siding (it is made with wood) but offers many modern advantages through it’s manufacturing process. SmartSide is free of knots so every piece can be utilized with minimal waste.  Traditional wood siding and trim is also prone to cupping and warping as it dries out and is exposed to the elements over time.  SmartSide because of it’s construction and the specific materials used is engineered to look like wood, but not have these drawbacks.  SmartSide comes pre-primed and ready to be painted whatever color you like.


Siding is an important exterior decorating detail on your home, and helps protect the inner structure from the elements.  One of the more common mistakes, or “time-savers” you’ll see with other siding contractors is their lack of attention to the finer details of a siding job, like making sure ends meet up around windows, and other areas that need to be trimmed.  Professionals will do a nice clean job for you, while the “other guys” will leave gaps, holes and other unsightly deficiencies with the installation.

Old Siding Removal And Disposal

ThunderStruck Restorations LLC will include the removal and disposal of your old siding.  This is an important aspect of your siding project and there are many siding contractors happy to leave you with that mess, or charge extra to handle it.  When you choose ThunderStruck Restorations to side your home you’ll never even know we were on your property aside from the beautiful new look we’ve given the exterior of your home.

If you need new siding for your home then give ThunderStruck Restorations a call today and one of our siding replacement experts can setup an appointment with you to discuss your project, answer your questions, show you many samples and help you take the next step in making your home look better.